Our body treatments are designed to help you relax and unwind, so important with today’s busy lifestyles or to improve skin texture and tautness.

Indulge with a Full Body Exfoliation either as an individual treatment, or followed by a choice of Massage for even deeper relaxation and sense of well being.

At Zest Massage treatments are available to both men and women. Prior to treatment there is a confidential consultation with the therapist.

Please note that a GP referral may be needed before a treatment. All Zest Massage treatments are carried out by  full qualified and insured therapists.

Body Exfoliation

Zest Lavender Salt Scrub
Allow 30 mins

A body exfoliation ritual to invigorate and revitalize. An exquisite salt scrub, triple layered with dead sea, Epsom and Mediterranean sea salt. The oils will not only nourish your skin but intense aroma of naturally produced lavender will encourage deep relaxation and a sense of well being.

Ideal before a holiday or spray tan to achieve a deeper, more even tan by removing dead skin cells.

The skin is revitalised and then moisturised leaving it refreshed, re-hydrated and replenished

Zest Seaweed Salt Scrub
1 hour

Invigorating exfoliation for your skin. Rich in seaweed, high in antioxidants. Mediterranean Cypress with a beautiful blend of lemon essential oils and our unique triple blend of salts for perfectly soft feeling skin.

Forever Aloe Scrub

Jojoba oil in pure Aloe Vera work together to gently exfoliate and clear away dead skin cells for your skin’s unique renewal process.


Therapeutic Swedish Massage
Full Body – Allow 1 hour 15 mins
Back, Neck, Shoulders – Allow 45 mins

A traditional massage using natural oils by employing a range of massage movements this treatment is designed to work on areas of tension in the body that often feel knotted and uncomfortable. Relieves stress in the main areas that hold tension. Perfect after a stressful day.

Indian Head Message

Preformed whilst sitting up and leaning forward onto pillows, it is a massage with a difference as it involves massage to the arms, back, shoulders, neck, head and hair. The Indian head massage is a powerful massage using an eastern blend of aromatic oils such as sandalwood and ylang ylang.

Aromatherapy Massage
Full Body
Back, Neck, Shoulders

Experience the benefits of massage with the addition of individually chosen essential oils, to suit your needs in one of the finest anti-stress treatments available. Also inclusive of a tension relieving scalp massage.

Deep Tissue Sports Massage
Full Body
Back, Neck, Shoulders

Deep rhythm pressure massage: Alleviate stress, ease aching muscles and revive senses with a powerful customized massage. Dynamic blends of oils are prescribed to target individual needs and reduce specific stress and muscle tension.


Collagen Induction Therapy (Cosmetic Body Needling)

Specifically for use at home, and can also be combined with the above treatment in salon. Needling the skin just pierces the dead ‘horny’ layer of the skin to help overcome the skin’s usual barrier properties. Unlike many advanced procedures, it helps to achieve skin plumping, cell renewing results without abrasion, or pain. It is suitable for anyone who has been using Environ’s vitamin A creams for sufficient time to become accustomed to the high levels of active ingredients that saturate your skin.

Collagen Stimulation Therapy: Unlocking your body’s powers of regeneration

Zest is now able to offer this revolutionary new treatment, which harnesses the body’s own natural powers of healing to restore the tightness of the skin and can delay or avoid the need for a face lift or brow lift. Remarkable results have been achieved, with Environ vitamin A and C home care used to maintain results over long periods. This treatment thickens and rejuvenates the skin, softening fine lines and restoring elasticity. It reduces pigmentation marks, stretch marks and scars. It also diminishes the appearance of dilated blood vessels.

This sensitive skin can be treated, and because the epidermis is perfectly preserved and healing is rapid, there is no sun sensitivity afterwards in contrast with laser, dermabrasion or deep peels.

To prepare the skin for the high levels of nutrients it will absorb, clients are advised to use Environ Vitamin A creams for at least four weeks prior to treatment. Immediately after needling, the skin will experience redness or puffiness, and it may become dry for a few days but this is completely normal. Improvements are often visible after one treatment, but six, spread over 6 to 24 weeks is recommended for  optimum results.

Professional needling: Incredible results without surgery. Lasting effects: Collagen contains to be laid down month after treatment and results typical last 5 – 7 years.

A study showed that four needling treatments without vitamin A increased the thickness of the epidermis by 205% but combining the same number of treatments with vitamin A created an increase of 658% 

Cost per treatment     £250

course of 6 treatments (recommended)     £1,195